Precious metals depot & warehousing

Precious metals depot & warehousing 

In addition to the optimization of your precious metal deposit by hedging against price losses and optimizing the purchase, the precious metal owner must protect himself against expropriation and removal through competent storage and the associated international know-how.

Die Edelmetalle unserer Kunden werden von Swiss Edelmetalle GmbH in einem Sicherheitslager verwaltet.

The precious metals are , of course, insured during storage.

The precious metals are kept exclusively in warehouses and vaults, which specify the strict requirements of the insurance companies under the insurance contracts as safekeeping. According to customer requirements, these can also be security warehouses in Switzerland, but also abroad.

Collective custody is expressly permitted, but only if the ownership relationship is protected for the customer and there is sufficient reinsurance with physical precious metals.

The current storage location is Switzerland.