„Only gold is real money - everything else is a credit.“


Gold is the ideal value add for your assets.



The price of silver is much more dependent on the economic development than gold due to it's stronger industrial use. This is also the reason why silver is subject to significantly higher price fluctuations than the gold prize.



Platinum is the investment and crisis metal with the highest value density.



Palladium is the promising investment and crisis metal.


Gold -Depot Flex/Standard

With the depot types Flex and Standard, Swiss Edelmetalle offers the ideal opportunity to steadily increase your precious metals and store them safely.

After a detailed analysis of your goals and options, we will decide together with you which depot is the right one for you.

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Why Swissedelmetalle

We have more than 20 years of experience in serving our clients and assisting them on their way to developing and implementing investment solutions for precious metals.


We highly value an extensive method- and product competence in order to meet our service requirements and to foster a trusting and long lasting partnership with you.

Price Advantage

Depot structure for customers who want to store/deliver larger quantities and always pay attention to a low purchase prize (kilo prize).

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